Happy Christmas!


Hello everyone who may or may not (probably not) still read this blog. Have a christmas Liz doodle. Just a little message to wish you all a lovely christmas and to expect some more things from me, depending on what Father Christmas is bringing me this year.

Enjoy the holiday, or whatever you celebrate 🙂


Liz ❤


Good Mythical Morning!



Long time no see, I know! But this is my attempt to cartoon-ize YouTube sensations Rhett and Link. I’ve fallen in love with their morning web series Good Mythical Morning and I thought it might be fun to do a little ‘fan art’


I hope you’re all well 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be drawing more soon.


Liz ❤

Archaeology Society.


This is a poster I created for my University’s Archaeology society. I will admit, the background and fonts were stolen from the lovely Google and dafont.com – but the drawing in the middle is mine! It’s hard to transfer my drawings from paper to digital format without a graphics tablet, or scanner – but this one turned out quite well!

When I was doing Art for GCSE I drew an image of a wine glass with things inside it (We were doing ‘surrealism’) and that largely inspired this, even nearly 5 years later.


Materials: Originally paper and pencil, but then edited with Photoshop Elements.


Liz ❤



Luke is probably gonna kill me for posting this one up – but I love it! It’s a sketch of him (my boyfriend) taken from a random picture I have on my phone.

When I draw people, especially people I know, it’s hard to capture the exact expression of their face – without which, they are devoid of personality. But I guess with this, because I know him so well, it was easier to draw him ^_^

He loved it, and I hope you do too 🙂

Materials: Sketch pad + pencils


Liz ❤

Lucy Heartfilia



I’ve never been that good at drawing anime people (at least, not to the level of the true anime artists) but I’m pretty proud of this one! This is Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail – my new obsession. She’s a brilliant character, and I hoped to capture some of her charm in this picture.

I don’t know if I will ever colour or shade her in – I’m too scared to ruin it xD

I’ll be dressing up as her for MCM, the London Anime Expo in October. I’ve never cosplayed before so it will be fun. Lucy is a Celestial Wizard which means that she can summon spirits to aid her in battle – and Luke (boyfriend) will be dressing as one of her spirits! ^_^


Materials: Sketch pad + pencils


Liz ❤

Gin Wigmore


Hello lovely people!

I think I’m getting better at sketching o_~

This is my attempt to draw the lovely singer from New Zealand, Gin Wigmore. She’s beautiful and although I could not capture her unique-ness in this drawing, it was great fun to draw.

Without realising it I was using a very soft pencil to sketch with and I was getting annoyed about how easily it was smudging; then I decided, “Why not use it to my advantage?” and here you have it ^_^

Materials: Sketch paper and a 4B sketch pencil. I used tissue to smudge the pencil.


Liz ❤


P.s. here is one of Gin’s music videos. All her songs are pretty unique and catchy, so check her out 🙂

REQUESTS: Pat and Declan

So I have finally found the time / motivation to catch up on a couple of requests. Here are two cartoon style drawings of one of my WP friends Pat, and my friend from college (Who asked very nicely on Twitter).





Materials: Sketchpad and Fineliners


I hope you enjoy them, and if you want to request something, head to the request page 🙂

Liz ❤



Annnnd then I tried to draw in photoshop xD I don’t have a graphics tablet, or any PS skills but this was fun! It’s great to explore different forms of art even when you’re just a noob at them.

Liz ❤



Sorry it’s been so long guys! I was ill for about a week or two, and then I lost the motivation to draw for a while. To make up for it, here’s just a quick little doodle I did of the flying cat Happy from the anime Fairy Tail. (Yes, I forgot to colour one of his paws but it’s too late now xD)

And I said I would never get addicted to one? Well thanks to an introduction from my lovely boyfriend, I have. Fairy Tail is amazing :3


Materials: Paper and Fineliners


I hope to post more soon, and stay happy!

Liz ❤


So this is my first request! Yayyyy! This is a cartoon drawing of my little sister Hannah (You can see the similarities, no?) holding the white family cat, Blossom. I miss them both 😦

But if you want to make a request, click here or scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link.

Materials: Fineliners

Liz ❤


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